The Transitional Program is the main purpose Eagle’s Nest Center was formed. For many years, our founders, Robert and Judy Kohel, have helped young adults who have fallen between the cracks of existing programs and systems, and it is more apparent today than ever that this need exists.
The focus of the Transitional Program is on young adults aged 17-24 who are exiting alcohol or other drug treatment for whom returning home would not be a healthy option; those being released from jail for non-violent crimes; and young adults who are asked to leave the family home after reaching legal age by parents who no longer want to provide support.
Our goal is to provide support for youth to make the transition into productive adulthood. This is a highly individualized process and may involve finding and retaining employment, developing life skills, seeking continuing education, developing a recovery support system, finding safe and affordable housing, or a combination of these and other objectives.
A unique process plan is developed for each youth that reflects the ongoing assessment of their needs as well as progress. The Transitional Program provides support for as many life issues as each individual presents; ENC has working relationships with local and regional substance abuse, mental health, parenting, education, family, and other helping services. We act as ‘brokers’ and case managers for each young adult to ensure that all their needs are addressed and coordinated as part of a larger ‘wrap-around’ plan that reflects the complexity of each individual.
Currently, we work with a limited number of cases at a time, providing services at Trail”s End Campground, a drug-and-alcohol-free facility in a beautiful rural Wisconsin setting. Some individuals may require temporary housing in our on-site cabins, while others require a longer-term plan for transitioning back to their community.
Research has demonstrated time and time again that having an adult mentor is a critical factor that youth who grow up to become productive members of their communities have in common. For this reason, highly individualized mentoring, with a Native American spiritual foundation, is central to Eagle’s Nest’s Transitional Program. With a holistic approach – Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotion – we support our clients’ leaning how to stay centered in a difficult world, build confidence to overcome fear, and develop positive values and principles that will enable them to transition into the community as self confident and productive citizens.