We of Eagle’s Nest Center have a dream, and it’s really quite a simple, straightforward dream:
We want to keep doing what we’re doinghttps://eaglesnestcenter.org. what we have been called to dohttps://eaglesnestcenter.org. but we want to do it better, and more of it, much, much more! We want to offer more transitional services to more young people from more communities who are going through changes, whether they’re rejoining society after being incarcerated, being given an opportunity to change instead of being incarcerated, struggling with early recovery from addiction or with a chaotic situation at home, or with any of Life’s many other transitions. And we want to train far more teachers, judges, district attorneys, police, social workers, legislators, and private citizens in applying Restorative Justice techniques in their communities. And we want to be a better resource for Native American spiritual and cultural traditions and do an even better job of bringing these traditions to everyone we serve, regardless of their race, creed, or color.
That’s it. That’s all. That’s the Dream: Eagle’s Nest Center just wants to continue doing what we do, but a lot more of it, and we need you to dream with us, because this is what we have in mind.
https://eaglesnestcenter.org.We have the blueprint and we have the dedication to make this happen. Want to share our dream with us? Contact us to talk about how.