Minions at Lambeau Field

September 9th Packers vs Bears (Opening Game for Season)

On September 9th, after the season opener at Lambeau Field, some of Eagles Nest Center’s volunteers met up with the minions outside the stadium. Pictured from left to right are youth volunteer Nick, (retired) family Social Worker Emma, Vice President Louie, and Marianne far right who is Team Leader of our Lambeau Field volunteers. You just never know who you’ll run into when you volunteer.


In 2016, Eagles Nest Center took a group of at risk youth to Kenya and Tanzania. We spent three weeks doing volunteer work, experiencing the culture, several days on safari and a climb of Mt Kilimanjaro.

This was the first time that Eagles Nest Center has taken on such a project. The result of the Founder’s vision to attempt in helping a select group of young people who otherwise are at risk of problems such as legal, opioid and other drugs or alcohol addiction, dropping out of school, suicide, etc... And give them an experience that they can own for themselves. There is really no way to sum this up. It’s way too complicated for that. By design we are teaching team building skills, leadership, and using Mt Kilimanjaro as a classroom and the climb as a metaphor for life; ‘one step at a time’.

Giving them something they can own is important. Something for them to be proud of. Seeing how other people live and their culture, and the size of our world cannot be replicated in Marquette County and our area in this way. After the first trip to Africa and seeing the impact that the journey had on those involved, we agreed we would put together another group.

The first time we raised funds by selling candy bars and the financial support of many people who believed in what we’re doing. It took almost three years. Since then, Eagles Nest Center has been contacted by the organization that runs the concession stands at Lambeau Field during home games for the football season. For the 2017 season Eagles Nest Center ran one concession stand, this year we have two stands run by 8 volunteers each game. This sure beats selling candy bars and a whole lot more fun!

For the 2019 season we plan on continuing our efforts at Lambeau Field but, we are lacking in volunteers. Our goal is to put together a team of 20 people who are willing to commit to volunteering for the 2019 season. This amounts to volunteering for Family Night, +- 10 pre-season home games and regular season home games. (or 35,000 candy bars). If you are someone who is willing to be a part of something greater than yourself, part of a team who believes in saving lives and providing help and hope to some of our lost youth; we could use your help. We are trying to grow and need community support. If you want to know more or feel you may be willing to help please contact Judy at Eagles Nest Center 608-296-4023 or Marianne 608-589-5206 about Lambeau Field participation.

And again, thank you to everyone for your past support!

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