Our Mission The Eagle’s Nest Center is a not-for-profit organization created to help people of all races and nations peacefully co-exist by focusing on issues like fear, anger, guilt and shame.  These feelings are often at the root of individual, family, and social problems like alcohol and other drug abuse, domestic and other violence, anxiety and depression, crime, and many others.  Our goal is to provide and continuously develop effective services to address these community problems through a Native American spiritual perspective.  One way we accomplish this goal is by providing a safe environment where people — particularly young people — and families can receive assistance and continuing support in developing and maintaining a healthy way of life in today’s world.  When people learn to live with themselves and maintain healthy relationships, the whole community benefits — and together, we learn how to embrace the diversity of the Creator’s world and live with each other.

Welcome to our website! Feel free explore and learn more about what we’ve done in the past, where we plan to go in the future, and how you can help us make a difference! test 

Who We Are Eagle’s Nest Center was founded in 1998 by Robert and Judy Kohel, central Wisconsin residents who changed careers mid-life to build on their background in substance abuse/addiction recovery and Native American spiritual traditions in making an impact in young people’s lives.  “ENC” was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization in September 2002, and currently operates from Trail’s End Campground in rural Westfield, which is owned by the Kohels.  Our dream — our plan — for Eagle’s Nest Center’s future is to build a facility here in central Wisconsin that will bring recovery, re-entry, and other transitional services to Native and other rural youth and families.

Since the mid-1990s, our Founder, Bob Kohel, has relationships with a number of Native American spiritual leaders, and is responsible for the overall type and direction of our programming, as well as for mentoring, the facilitation of training, and other supportive services to clients and volunteers. His wife, Judy is ENC’s Executive Director, and is responsible for administration, coordination of grants, and day-to-day organizational operation, in addition to providing services to clients and coordinating with the Board of Directors and staff. An all-volunteer staff assists in providing mentoring and other specific services; this “cast” changes with the needs of clients and programs, and often includes working and retired individuals with professional or personal specialties (clinical services, employment skills, restorative justice, etc.). Volunteers are thoroughly screened and trained by the Kohels.

The Executive Director, Founder, and staff answer to a Board of Directors, which meets on a regular basis to discuss issues and provide direction to Eagle’s Nest’s mission. Our Board currently consists of seven members, including private citizens, individuals from the legal and counseling professions, and representatives of several Native American tribes.